Knowledge Management 2.0: ROI is dead. Long live SNA

In one of my previous posts I mentioned how difficult is to measure the benefits of Web 2.0 for Knowledge Management in terms of ROI. Also, this topic has brough on many voices out there in the blogosphere. As discussed, the knowledge of workers is something hardly measurable but very valuable, and the benefits should be measured by the business impacts, like business eficiency or the competitive advantage, and ROI is not the proper tool to do this.


Web 2.0 – SOA Convergence

here is an obvious convergence between Web 2.0 and SOA, more concretly between Mash-Up applications and Composite Applications. On one hand, the content of a Mash-Up application is composed by the aggregation of different sources of data, consumed from services offered by other Web applications over the HTTP protocol.

Why Web 2.0 in the Enterprise?

am really enjoying my current assignment. I am doing a research work entitled “Next Generation Knowledge Management with Web 2.0” where I investigate the benefits of adopting Enterprise 2.0 as a KM enabler. During the past few weeks I have been focusing on strictly analyze why Web 2.0 should be embraced by enterprises, and the following came up.

Knowledge Management and Web 2.0 – What a nice post!

Luis Suarez over ELSUA has posted a series of 6 posts talking about the impacts of Web 2.0 on Knowledge Management. In fact, Luis transcripts with his passionate style the highlights of a podcast held by Jon Husband and Dave Snowden talking about this same topic.